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Position Papers
Everglades Coalition Position Papers Photo by Dennis Goodman in Florida Sawgrass Tress Yellow Blue Sky with Clouds

Position Papers

All documents in this digest represent consensus positions taken by the Coalition to preserve and restore America’s Everglades. Permission to quote and reprint is granted, given that each use credit the Everglades Coalition along with the complete title and date of the work. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.


2024 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions

March 2024 – Letter to Gov. DeSantis Asking to Veto CS/HB 87 Taking of Bears

February 2024 – Letter Supporting Strong Local Government Urban Fertilizer Ordinances


2023 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions

November 2023 – Letter Rejecting Miami Wilds Theme Park

September 2023 – Letter for Wetland Protection in BBSEER Project

August 2023 – Resolution Recommending the Strongest Endangered Species Act Regulations to Secure a Future for Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem

May 2023 – Letter Asking Governor DeSantis to Veto SB540/HB359 to Protect Investments in Everglades Restoration
May 2023 – Letter to Brooke P. Clark Regarding Proposed Rule Amending Environmental Protection Regulations Pursuant to Revision 2 to NUREG-1437
​April 2023 – Letter Urging Rep. Renner to Support HB175/SB192
April 2023 – Resolution in Support of Establishing a Southwest Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Area to Expand the National Wildlife Refuge System within the Greater Everglades Ecosystem
April 2023 – Resolution in Opposition to Removing the Southeast U.S. Distinct Population Segment of the Wood Stork from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife Under the Endangered Species Act
March 2023 – Resolution in Support of Increased Funding for National Wildlife Refuge Staffing and Operations Crisis
January 2023 – Resolution Recommending the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Protect All Critical Habitat Necessary to Safeguard the Florida Bonneted Bat from Urban Development and Climate Change
January 2023 – Resolution Urging Federal and State Officials to Increase Protections for West Indian Manatees and Their Habitat


Letters and Resolutions
November 2022 – Veto Request South Dade Logistics Center
May 2022 – Letter to Asking Governor DeSantis to Veto SB 2508
February 2022 – Thank You Letter to President Biden for $1 Billion Investment in Everglades Restoration


2021 EVCO Legislative Priorities 

December 2021
– Funding Request Letter to President Biden

January 2021 – Funding Request Letter to President Biden and Vice President Harris​

Letters and Resolutions
December 2021 – Resolution Recommending the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Adopt Final Rules to Protect Imperiled Diamondback Terrapins
October 2021 – Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) Management EVCO Resolution
August 2021 – Application to Amend the Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) for the South Dade Logistics and Technology District
April 2021 – Draft UEA Study Comments
April 2021 – Restoring America’s Everglades – FY 2022 House Energy and Water Appropriations
April 2021 – Restoring America’s Everglades – FY 2022 House Interior Appropriations
April 2021 – Restoring America’s Everglades – FY 2022 Senate Energy and Water Appropriations
April 2021 – Restoring America’s Everglades – FY 2022 Sentate Interior Appropriations
March 2021 – Resolution Opposing Burnett Oil Company’s Applications to Initiate New Oil Developments in Big Cypress National Preserve
February 2021 – Letter for the Florida Legislature Urging them to Take Action on Plastic Pollution
January 2021 – Resolution Opposing Oil And Gas Exploration And Development In Bahamian Waters
January 2021 – Resolution Encouraging the Florida Public Service Commission to Reform its 30-Year Old Energy Efficiency Goal Setting Economic Screening Practices in Order to Promote Higher Levels of Energy Savings
January 2021 – Resolution Supporting Updated and Protective Statewide Stormwater Standards


2020 EVCO Legislative Priorities 

Letters and Resolutions

November 2020 – Everglades Coalition Resolution Supporting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Proposal to Enhance Regulation of Invasive Reptiles

October 2020 – A Resolution of the Everglades Coalition in Opposition of Expanded Development and Operations at the Homestead Air Reserve Base in Miami-Dade County, Florida

October 2020 – Letter to SFWMD Urging Them to Not Approve Land Use in the Bird Drive Recharge Area (BDRA)

September 2020 – A Resolution of the Everglades Coalition Supporting the Adoption of Strong Urban Fertilizer Ordinances by Local Governments

August 2020 – Comments on USACE Back Bay Coastal Storm Risk Management Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

July 2020 – Resolution Supporting Inclusion Of A Large Mammal Wildlife Crossing Feature Under U.S. 41 In Conjunction with Installation of Water Conveyance Features for Picayune Strand Restoration Project’s Southwest Protection Feature

July 2020 – Resolution to Urge the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to Protect Imperiled Diamondback Terrapins from Drowning in Blue Crab Pots

June 2020 – Letter Urging Governor DeSantis to Uphold the Miami-Dade County SR-836 Extension Proposal Ruling

May 2020 – Water Reservation Rules for the Kissimmee River and Chain of Lakes Comment Letter

May 2020 – Letter in Opposition of the Proposal to Add Language to the 2020 Water Resources Development Act that Would Make the “Savings Clause” Found in Section 601(h)(5) of Public Law 106- 541 (WRDA 2000) Applicable to the Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule and Direct the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to Use the Lake Regulation Schedule in Place in December 2000 as the Base Condition for such Analysis

May 2020 – Letter Requesting a Public Hearing on Notice of Development of Rulemaking for Chapter 62-640, F.A.C.

May 2020 – Letter Requesting an Extension of Time in Accordance with Section 120.57 of the Florida Statutes, Rule 62-110.106(4) F.A.C. Regarding FPL Draft NPDES Permit Number FL-0001562

April 2020 – Letter to Nikki Fried Asking Her to Stop Pre-harvest Sugar Field Burning in and Around the EAA

April 2020 – Resolution Opposing Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Within the Greater Everglades

March 2020 – Opposition Letter to the State’s Proposed Rules to Assume Jurisdiction over the Federal Wetlands Permitting Authority

March 2020 – Request for Postponement of the State 404 Program Public Hearing

February 2020 – COP Draft EIS Comments from the Everglades Coalition

January 2020 – Resolution in Support of Sustainable Fish Populations in Biscayne National Park

January 2020 – Letter of Support for a Strong Urban Fertilizer Ordinance for the City of Miami

January 2020 – Letter of Support for Cayo Costa State Park to become an International Dark Sky Place


2019 EVCO Legislative Priorities

January 2019 – Everglades Rescue Mission

Letters and Resolutions 

November 2019 – Comment Letter Supporting Staff Recommendations for Updates to the CDMP through the Evaluation Appraisal Report Process

October 2019 – Comments Opposing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Proposal to Revise the Regulations Governing State and Tribal Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification Process (Docket # EPA-HQ-OW-2019- 0405)

August 2019 – Biosolids Rule-Making Comment Letter

July 2019 – Thank You Letter to Appropriations Leaders Who Supported Everglades Restoration Funding

July 2019 – Letter Opposing 404 Wetland Degradation Permit Application for 836 Extension Permit Application No. SAJ-2018-01778 (SP-MLC)

April 2019 – WOTUS Comment Letter

April 2019 – MATS Comment Letter 

April 2019 – LOSOM Comments 

March 2019 – Ban on All Forms of Fracking in Florida Resolution

February 2019 – NPDES Letter

January 2019 – Letter to President Trump Requesting Strong Funding Levels for the Federal Agencies Essential to Restoring America’s Everglades


2018 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions

November 2018 – Letter of Support for Tamiami Trail Next Steps Phase 2 Receiving FAST Act Funds

August 2018 – Letter to Trump on the 2020 Budget

August 2018 – Letter to the NRC on the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Units 3 & 4 Subsequent License Renewal Application

July 2018 – Letter to the SFWMD on the Proposed State Road 836 Extension Application

July 2018 – Resolution in Support of Strong Wilderness Stewardship Management Within Everglades National Park  

July 2018 – Resolution Supporting Amendment 9 to Prohibit Oil and Gas Drilling 

July 2018 – Resolution Supporting the Authorization of the Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir/Central Everglades Project Post Authorization Change Report in the 2018 Water Resources Development Act 

May 2018 - P 6004 Support Letter

March 2018 – Everglades FY2019 House Interior Request 

March 2018 – Everglades FY2019 House Energy and Water Request 

March 2018 – Everglades FY2019 Senate Energy and Water Request

March 2018 – Everglades FY2019 Senate Interior Request 

February 2018 – Resolution Opposing SB1402 and HB7043

February 2018 – Letter to Army Leadership to Restore America's Everglades

January 2018 – Letter to Governor Scott

January 2018 – Tamiami Trail Modifications Comments Letter


Legislative Priorities 

2017 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions 

November 2017 – Letter to  Director Bell Miami-Dade County Planning Division, 2018 Evaluation and Appraisal Report Comments 

October 2017 – Letter to Melissa Nasuti, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

August 2017 – Rejection of Deep Injection Well Thank You Letter

August 2017 – Resolution in Support of Advancing Southern Everglades Restoration 

August 2017 – Letter to Secretary Wilbur Ross Regarding Marine Sanctuaries and Monuments

August 2017 – Appreciation Letter for Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Recovery Efforts

May 2017 – Resolution of the Everglades Coalition in Support of the Preservation of the Richmond Pine Rockland 

May 2017 – Everglades Senate Energy and Water FY18 Written Testimony 

March 2017 – FY2018 House Energy Water Request

March 2017 – FY2018 House Interior Request 

March 2017 – FY2018 Senate Energy Water Request

March 2017 – FY2018 Senate Interior Request 

February 2017 – A Resolution Supporting Legislative Passage of a Statewide Ban on Well Stimulation for the Purposes of Production or Recovery of Oil or Natural Gas in the State of Florida

January 2017 – FY2018 Budget Concerns


Legislative Priorities 

2016 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions 

October 2016 – Resolution Opposing Amendment 1 on Ballot in November

October 2016 – Letter Thanking Big Cypress National Preserve for Becoming the First National Park Service (NPS) Unit East of the Mississippi River to Earn an International Dark Sky Place Designation

August 2016 – Loxahatchee Refuge Support Letter to Chairman O'Keefe

July 2016 – Letter Thanking FWC for Forgoing a Bear Hunt in 2016 

June 2016 – Letter to SFWMD and USACE Regarding Immediate Need to Plan Water Storage, Treatment, and Conveyance South of Lake Okeechobee 

June 2016 – Resolution Supporting Pro-Solar Amendment 4 on the August 2016 Primary

April 2016 – Resolution in Support of Acquiring Lands and Developing Projects in the EAA to Help Protect the Estuaries, Everglades National Park, and Florida Bay

April 2016 – Resolution in Support of the Protection of Biscayne Bay and Biscayne National Park from the Impacts of the Turkey Point Cooling Canal System

April 2016 – Letter Urging Palm Beach County to Deny a Proposed Comp Plan Amendment that Would Allow Industrial and Commercial Development Within the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA)

February 2016 – Letter to US Congress Committees Requesting Authorization of the Central Everglades Planning Project (CERP) in the Forthcoming Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 

January 2016 – Letter to President Obama with FY17 Budget Suggestions for USACE and USDOI

January 2016 – Thank You Letter for FY16 Funding to US House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

January 2016 – Thank You Letter for FY16 Funding to US House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies


2015 EVCO Legislative Priorities

January 2015 – 2025 Vision for the Everglades 

Letters and Resolutions

December 2015 – Resolution Opposing the Extension of SR 7 Adjacent to Grassy Waters Preserve and Pond Cypress Natural Area

November 2015 – Resolution on Ecological Conditions and Restoration Needs of Everglades National Park and the Florida Bay

October 2015 – Letter Urging USACE to Move Forward with PPAs in FY16 for the 4 Everglades Restoration Projects Authorized by WRRDA of 2014

October 2015 – Resolution Urging Removal of Barriers to Solar Power and Supporting the Floridians for Solar Choice Petition

October 2015 – Letter urging US Congress (Florida Delegation) to Reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund

August 2015 – Resolution Opposing Changes to Miami-Dade’s Urban Development Boundary (UDB)

August 2015 – Resolution Recommending Marjory Stoneman Douglas to the National Statuary

August 2015 – Letter Providing Written Testimony in Support of Creating a Marine Reserve in Biscayne National Park

June 2015 – Letter Urging Respect of the May 2015 Clean Water Act Rule by USEPA/USACE

June 2015 – Letter in Support of HR1684 (Foreign Spill Protection Act)

June 2015 – Letter Opposing Air Show Exhibition at Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport (TNT)

June 2015 – Letter to Congressman Clawson regarding HR2822 (funding)

May 2015 – Thank You Letter to President Obama for Earth Day in Everglades National Park

April 2015 – Letter to MDX in Opposition of the SW Dolphin Expressway/SR 836 expansion

March 2015 – Resolution Funding For Controlling Invasive Exotic Species in the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge 


2014 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions

December 2014 – Resolution Supporting EAA Land Acquisition 

December 2014 – Letter to Senator Nelson WOTUS

November 2014 – Resolution Urging the DEP to Set Forth a Clear and Deliberate Course Toward Achieving Lake Okeechobee’s Water Quality Goals in the Lake Okeechobee Basin Management Action Plan

November 2014 – Resolution to Support New State Legislation to Improve Regulatory Oversight and Enforcement of Oil Drilling Activities in Florida

October 2014 – Resolution Proposing Sugar Hill Sector Plan in Hendry County

September 2014 – Resolution for Marine Reserve in Biscayne National Park

August 2014 – Letter to Eric Summa Calling for CERP Interagency Manatee Task Force 

August 2014 – Resolution to Advance Everglades Projects Authorized in the 2014 Water Resources Reform and Development Act

July 2014 – Letter to Dr. Bochnak Regarding Fisheating Creek Comments

July 2014 – Thank You Letter to Senator Nelson About Water Quality Issues

July 2014 – Letter Thanking Senators and Representatives for Helping Pass WRRDA

April 2014 – CEPP Letter to President

April 2014 – CEPP Letter to USACE Assistant Secretary of the Army Jo-Ellen Darcy

April 2014 – Letter to Attorney General Bondi for Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint Amicus Brief

March 2014 – Resolution for Everglades Curriculum

March 2014 – Letter for FY15 Senate Interior & Environment Appropriations

March 2014 – Letter for FY15 Senate Energy & Water Appropriations

March 2014 – Letter for FY15 House Interior & Environment Appropriations

March 2014 – Letter for FY15 House Energy & Water Appropriations

March 2014 – Resolution for HB 703

March 2014 – Resolution for SB 372

February 2014 – Thank You Letter to Administrator McCarthy for the Clean Water Act

January 2014 – Resolution for Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Space Complex Development

January 2014 – Resolution for Kissimmee River Restoration Project


2013 EVCO Legislative Priorities


Letters and Resolutions

September 2013 – Letter Expressing Gratitude for Everglades Work of Former U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw

August 2013 – Letter to Senate Select Committee on Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee Basin

August 2013 – Letter on Overcoming the Administrative Obstacles of CEPP

August 2013 – Resolution Urging Restored Funding to SFWMD for Everglades Restoration

June 2013 – Letter to the Gulf Ecosystem Restoration Council

June 2013 – Letter About Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands, Phase 1 Rule Making

May 2013 – Letter Supporting EAR Amendments (Miami-Dade)

May 2013 – Resolution Opposing SR-836 Expansion

May 2013 – Letter for Appropriations for Everglades Restoration, Department of Interior (House)

May 2013 – Letter for Appropriations for Everglades Restoration, Department of Interior (Senate)

May 2013 – Letter for Appropriations for Everglades Restoration, United States Army Corp of Engineers (House)

May 2013 – Letter for Appropriations for Everglades Restoration, United States Army Corp of Engineers (Senate)

February 2013 – Letter Regarding the Bridging of Tamiami Trail and Construction of the Caloosahatchee River West Basin Storage Reservoir

January 2013 – Letter for Congressional Priorities for 113th Congress

January 2013 – Resolution Endorsing the Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment


2012 EVCO Legislative Priorities

Letters and Resolutions

December 2012 – Resolution Supporting Alternative 4 for Central Evergaldes Planning Project

November 2012 – Numeric Nutrients Criteria Letter

October 2012 – Grasshopper Sparrow Resolution

August 2012 – Resolution to Urge the USFWS to Target Recovery of Imperiled Wood Stork Population in the Everglades

August 2012 – Letter for Restoring Florida's Gulf Coast

August 2012 – Resolution Urging the SFWMD Water Supply Plan Updates to Protect Water

January 2012 – Resolution Supporting the Greater Everglades Partnership Initiative

January 2012 – Resolution Urging the Suspension of Consideration of Bird Drive Recharge Area Land Surplus

January 2012 – Resolution Supporting the Central Everglades Planning Project 


January 2011 – 2020 Vision for the Everglades

Letters and Resolutions

August 2011 – Letter to SFWMD Regarding Water Reservations Rulemaking

July 2011 – Resolution Opposing Legislative Attempts to Weaken the Clean Water Act

July 2011 – Resolution Regarding I-75 Interchange

July 2011 – Letter to DEP Regarding Conceptual Framework for Nutrient Standards

June 2011 – Comments on EPA and USACE Guidance Regarding Identification of Waters Protected by the Clean Water Act

May 2011 – Letter to Governor Rick Scott Urging Veto of SB2142, HB7207, CS/CS/HB421, and CS/CS/CS/HB993

May 2011 – Appropriations Letter Senate Energy and Water Committee

May 2011 – Appropriations Letter House Energy and Water Committee

May 2011 – Appropriations Letter Senate Interior Subcommittee

May 2011 – Appropriations Letter House Interior Subcommittee

April 2011 – Letter to U.S. EPA Urging Restoration of the Clean Water Act

April 2011 – Resolution Supporting Base Flows to the Caloosahatchee

April 2011 – Everglades Restoration Works! Creating Jobs, Protecting Water Supply

February 2011 – Resolution Supporting Comprehensive Growth Management in Florida

January 2011 – Resolution for the Adoption of Numeric Nutrient Criteria in Florida

January 2011 – Resolution on 2011 Lake Okeechobee Protection Plan Update 


Letters and Resolutions

October 2010 – Resolution on Valuing Ecosystem Services

September 2010 – Resolution Supporting Tamiami Trail Next Steps Project

August 2010 – Letter to the Governing Board of the South Florida Water Management District Urging Approval of Revised U.S. Sugar Land Acquisition

May 2010 – Resolution Opposing Development of Everglades Corporate Park in Sunrise, Florida

March 2010 – Resolution Supporting Establishment of EPA Numeric Nutrient Standards in Florida Waters

March 2010 – Letter to Chairman James Moran regarding FY11 Interior Appropriations

March 2010 – Letter to SFWMD Governing Board regarding the River of Grass Land Acquisition

March 2010 – Letter to Senator LeMieux Regarding Climate Change Legislation

January 2010 – Resolution Regarding Oil Drilling

January 2010 – Resolution Regarding Florida Forever


Letters and Resolutions

December 2009 – Letter to Congressman Kendrick Meek Regarding Python Importation Into the United States

December 2009 – Letter to Senator Bill Nelson Regarding Python Importation Into the United States

November 2009 – Letter to FDEP Secretary Mike Sole Regarding Proposed Designated Use

November 2009 – Letter to Lowes, Inc. Requesting it Abandon its Appeal to Develop a Store Adjacent to America's Everglades

November 2009 – Letter to SFWMD regarding the CERP C-111 Spreader Canal project

September 2009 – Letter to EPA regarding Lakebelt Mining Permits

September 2009 – Letter to the Florida Delegates About 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill

April 2009 – Letter to State Senator J.D. Alexander Regarding Aquatic Preserves Proposed Budget Cuts

April 2009 – Resolution to Oppose FPL's Request for a CDMP Amendment to Allow Mining

February 2009 – Resolution in Support of the Department of Interior Vision and Plan for Successful Everglades Restoration

January 2009 – Resolution on Climate Change and Everglades Restoration

January 2009 – Letter to SFWMD on Environmental Resource Permit Policy for BBCW Footprint

January 2009 – Resolution to Support the Acquisition of U.S. Sugar Lands for Everglades Restoration 


Letters and Resolutions

December 2008 – Letter to Corps on the Interim Operating Criteria for the 8.5 Square Mile Area Project

November 2008 – Letter to Senator Nelson on CERP Funding

September 2008 – Letter to DCA Secretary Pelham on the Miami-Dade County Urban Development Boundary

July 2008 – Recommendations for the EAA with U.S. Sugar Purchase

July 2008 – Resolution to Support Expediting Phase 1 of the CERP C-111 Spreader Canal Project

April 2008 – Letter to Representative Cannon on the Department of Community Affairs Budget Cuts

April 2008 – Letter to Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Greene on Mining in the Everglades Agricultural Area

April 2008 – Letter to Florida Department of Environmental Protection on Statewide Stormwater Treatment Rule

March 2008 – Resolution to Support a Successor Program to Florida Forever

March 2008 – Letter to DCA Secretary Pelham on the EAA as an Area of Critical State Concern

March 2008 – Resolution to Oppose a Landfill Adjacent to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

March 2008 – Resolution to Support Holding the Miami-Dade Urban Development Boundary

March 2008 – Resolution to Support Florida Forever Successor Program

January 2008 – Resolution to Support the Blue Shanty Option for Tamiami Trail


Letters and Resolutions

October 2007 – Resolution to Support Denial of FPL's Zoning Permit Application for Turkey Point Expansion

October 2007 – Letter to Miami-Dade County Commission on Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Expansion

June 2007 – Letter to Governor Crist on the Broward County Water Preserve Areas

January 2007 – Resolution to Oppose Coal-Fired Power Plants Within the Historic Everglades

January 2007 – Resolution to Address the Florida Bay Algae Bloom 


No documents available


Letters and Resolutions

January 2005 – Recommendations for EAA Sustainability and Aquifer Storage and Recovery 


Letters and Resolutions

September 2004 – Letter to Miami-Dade Mayor Penelas on Veto of Rock Mining Ordinance

July 2004 – Press Release on Land Use Moratorium for EAA

July 2004 – Letter to State Officials Regarding Land Use Moratorium in EAA

July 2004 – Resolution on Land Use Moratorium for EAA

July 2004 – Resolution Opposing the Scripps Institute Proposed Mecca Farms Site

May 2004 – Letter to Miami-Dade County Commissioners Requesting Denial of Rockmining Ordinance Changes  


Letters and Resolutions

August 2003 – Position Statements

July 2003 – Atlantic Civil Letter

June 2003 – Indian River Lagoon South Resolution

May 2003 – Combined Structural and Operational Plan Letter

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