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Everglades Coalition

Conservationist Award

The Conservationist Award was first established to honor George Barley for his tenacious and passionate effort to restore the Everglades. An avid fisher who was troubled by changes he saw firsthand in the waters of Florida Bay, he borrowed a friend’s small plane and, over the course of several months, took more than 1,000 people on flights over the Everglades to see and understand the needs of the ecosystem. He convinced dozens of journalists to visit Florida Bay and bring back the story of its destruction to citizens and elected leaders and bringing the national eye to the need to restore America’s Everglades.


Ultimately, these efforts set the wheels in motion for CERP authorization. Today, the Everglades Coalition continues to honor a conservationist who demonstrates passion and ingenuity in his/her quest to protect and restore the Everglades.

Everglades Coalition Great Egret with Green Background and Orange Beak Conservationist Award

Award Recipients

2024     Marisa Carrozzo

2023     Ansley Samson

2022     Mark Perry

2021     Rae Ann Wessel 

2020     Jaclyn Lopez

2019     Captain Daniel Andrews & Captain Chris Wittman

2018     Celeste De Palma

2017     John A. Marshall

2016     Aliki Moncrief

2015     Sara Fain

2013     Cynthia Barnett

2012     Thom Rumberger

2011     Nancy Marshall and Paul Parks

2010     Dr. Thomas Van Lent

2009     Shannon Estenoz

2008     Paul Schweip

2007     John Childe

2006     Lisa Interlandi

2005     Franklin B. Adams

2004     Nathaniel P. Reed

2003     Richard Grosso

2002     Maggy Hurchalla

2001     Bill Riley

2000     Oliver Bernstein

1999     Audrey & Frank Peterman

1998     Bradford Sewell

1997     Clyde Butcher

1996     Dr. Jay Zieman 

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